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Keep your typography on brand

One of the most important things you’ll ever do as a business is get your branding right. Not only do you need to find your symbol and style you also need your corporate font and typeface.

This can be an “off-the-shelf” font which is fine, or go that extra step and design your own bespoke font.

Over the last few days I’ve worked on a variety of projects where I’ve created the branding… here’s just some recent examples of keeping your typography on brand.

Branding – get it right!

Don’t just go for your first idea. Don’t cut corners. Spend time and be fussy about your branding. It should be the aim to make it last for years.

Try to do something different from your competitors. Stand out but don’t alienate your customer base. Don’t be offensive. Goes without saying.

Since 2010, I’ve created over 500 brands, so many have been around since then. Here’s some random ones I’ve produced over the years.